Electrical Outage Preparation in Stanwood

electrical outage preparationElectrical outages happen without warning and can sometimes last for days. Electrical outage preparation is important in order to avoid dangerous situations and financial hardships in Stanwood, Washington. An expert residential electrician can inspect your home for issues, but additional steps are also necessary. Consider these helpful tips for electrical outage preparation in Stanwood. Then contact a professional electrician for additional assistance. 

1. Purchase a Car Charger for Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are important devices during an electrical outage. Without electricity in your home, your car can become a lifeline for keeping devices charged.

2. Prepare an Emergency Kit

When the power goes out, finding flashlights and other supplies becomes difficult. Electrical outage preparation involves keeping an emergency kit handy in your home. Fill it with flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, and other necessities. You’ll always know exactly where these items are when disaster strikes.

3. Trim Tree Branches

Storms bring heavy winds, which can dislodge branches from trees near your home and power lines. You can avoid an electrical outage by having precarious branches trimmed back around nearby power lines. Make sure to hire a professional technician, because live wires are extremely dangerous.

4. Invest in a Generator

Electrical outages can sometimes last days. Invest in a backup generator, and you’ll never worry about extended outages again. There are generator options appropriate for every budget, and the peace of mind they provide during an electrical outage is priceless.

Need Help Preparing for an Electrical Outage in Stanwood?

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