What You Need to Know about Washington’s Solar Fairness Act SB 5223

Solar Fairness Act SB 5223, solar fairness actDo you have ,or do you plan to install, solar panels on your home in the state of Washington? If so, you should familiarize yourself with the Solar Fairness Act SB 5223. The act was presented in January 2019 and was recently passed to the Rules Committee for a second reading. It deals specifically with net metering in the state. If passed, legislators will be able to build on Washington’s policy by increasing the cumulative generation capacity threshold for metering in each utility territory. As a solar electricity supporter, here’s you should know about the Solar Fairness Act SB 5223.

An Update is Needed

As any solar specialist can attest, Washington’s net metering policy is extremely outdated. The Solar Fairness Act SB 5223 will provide a much-needed opportunity to update the state’s policy.

The Minimum Threshold will be Higher

The Solar Fairness Act SB 5223 will raise Washington’s energy mix and raise the minimum threshold for cumulative net-metered electricity. The shift from .5% to 4% is significant and will positively impact solar energy solutions in the state.

Low-Income Residential Customers Benefit

Additionally, the Solar Fairness Act SB 5223 will benefit residents from low income areas. It specifies that solar service companies are to use excess solar kilowatt-hours to offset bills for low-income customers every March 31.

Want More Information about the Solar Fairness Act SB 5223?

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